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U&I by Kerala Ayurveda Centre is a care service registered with the The Care Quality Commission to provide live-in care and support for people in the Leicestershire community.

As experts in holistic therapy, we pride ourselves on bringing this traditional practice to the Western market where it has previously been inaccessible.

With a lack of these unique specialised services for the elderly population, we have launched a company that adheres to our holistic principles and is managed by experienced Ayurvedic doctors and carers who have a background in Ayurvedic nursing and therapy.

Our aim is to provide exceptional care to our clients using our knowledge and expertise in the Ayurvedic field.


Our care is based on an overall holistic approach with the Ayurvedic principles through a combination of diet, lifestyle and massages which has been traditionally practiced for thousands of years in India.

This will be delivered by qualified Ayurvedic doctors and carers to our clients.

All of this will be cross referenced and checked with the clients GP, and is offered to clients as part of our unique service.

It will then be down to the client and family to decide which elements they wish to pursue as part of their overall care plan.


As Ayurveda takes into account your environment, life stage and the impact the changing seasons can have on your health and wellbeing, it is as relevant today as it has always been.

U&I is a unique way of caring for our clients in a way which will help to not only live a more fulfilled and enjoyable life but also tackle some of the ongoing ailments they may have over a prolonged period of time.

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Sarju Raikundalia

Co Founder / Director

Jasbir Singh

Co Founder / Director

Tim Harrison

Operations Director

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You can trust us to provide the highest standard of live-in care, tailored to you or your loved one's individual needs.
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